These are some stories our customers have shared about their experiences with our flashlights.

Nickname: Snakeskin
Subject: Cadet gets suntan
Message: I lost my Cadet flashlight while hunting 2 years ago, last month while walking the edge of one of the corn fields I looked down and saw my flashlight. I put a new battery in it and it worked as good as it did when it was new out of the box. The interesting thing is that the flashlight is black but the sun had faded the the one side and now that side is a beautiful copper color. It looks very cool and everyone comments on it when they see it. I\'ve been thinking about flipping it and setting it back out there in field for a couple more years!

Nickname: fire/medic
Subject: Best flashlight on market.
Message: I\'ve owned my warrior for 6 months now. I\'m a firefighter medic and use my flashlight very frequently. The best application I have used it for was for a boat rescue on the river. The full size handheld halogen spotlights that we keep on our rescue boat couldn\'t reach the distances that my 700 lumen warrior could. Nice solid beam all the way across the Ohio River. I am a flashlight geek and this one is top notch with the multiple output settings and charger that can be taken anywhere.

Nickname: Jacob
Subject: LookOut !!!!!!
Message: I have some flashlights that i use for simple things like power outages and looking in small cracks for lost objects. But not much for every day carry. When i saw the T1A i thought \'Wow, 1 double A battery and 135 lumens ???\' and its not to expensive\'. A few weeks after purchasing my light i went outside to do a lighting test. I started walking around my house hoping to see anything different and only a few moments i found a Cotton Mouth snake. If i had my cheap little yellow bulb light, i probably would have gotten bit. Thank you powertac, essentially you guys saved my life. Thank you.

Nickname: Mike
Subject: Amazing
Message: So I work in refineries all over the US and recently bought my powertac e10 spark at a gun show in Texas. I carry this tiny powerful flashlight clipped in my pocket everyday. I use it inside towers and in dark areas I love it, it\'s super bright. So here it is I did all my work laundry at a laundry mat and left it in the pocket of my work jeans didn\'t notice it untill my jeans were almost dry I pulled them out and noticed the flashlight was still there given I could barely touch it as it was really really hot but IT STILL WORKED WOW I was shocked I thought for sure it would not work anymore as it isn\'t supposed to be waterproof. I would buy this light again and again it's great.

Nickname: Breathe Cleaner Aire
Subject: Awesome product and support! Thank you!
Message: I currently own (3) Powertac Warrior flashlights and use them everyday in my Air Duct cleaning business out of New Bern, NC. My customers enjoy the bright piercing light when viewing their dirty air ducts during the inspection process. Under house inspections prove helpful as well. I\'ve have had very minor situations with my flashlights, only to have excellent customer service on your end take care of me! I can\'t tell you how many flashlights I've sold for you by my recommending your products. Thank you for the quality and support!


Nickname: Jay

Subject: Warrior

Message:I bought the Warrior at a gun show 2 years ago.  I mainly use it at work where I have to use it in dimly lit underground areas or for inspecting machinery at warehouse ceiling levels from the ground.  This flashlight constantly sees grease, oil, and hydraulic fluid and cleans up easily and stays water tight.  I recently dropped it from the top of a piece of machinery and was afraid I had lost it in an oil pit.  It had actually hit the concrete floor more than 30 ft below.  I wiped it off, inspected it and found that other than a small brush in the finish that there was no damage.  I turned it on and it worked as well as the day I bought it.  Well worth every penny I paid for it.
The best part is when coworkers are having trouble seeing something with their led flashlights or with a huge mag light.  I love to say, "Let me help you with that" and then I illuminate the whole area with this little flashlight.  The worse part is someone's always wanting to borrow it.

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